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Delve into Canada’s wartime legacy at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. Learn about Canadian military history with a visit to the Canadian War Museum. explore the collection, which includes rare and historically important artefacts, uniforms, vehicles, and memorabilia. Let Aerocone Travels take you on an unforgettable historical adventure.

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All about the Canadian War Museum.

Embark on a captivating exploration of Canada’s military heritage at the renowned Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. With Aerocone Travels as your guide, prepare to be immersed in a world of historical significance and profound stories.

At the museum, you will encounter an impressive collection of over 3 million artifacts, ranging from tanks and artillery to warplanes and medals. These tangible remnants of Canada’s military past serve as powerful reminders of the sacrifices made by brave men and women throughout history.

Engage in interactive displays that invite you to step into the shoes of soldiers, experiencing the challenges they faced on the battlefield. Through state-of-the-art multimedia presentations, you will witness pivotal moments in Canada’s military history, gaining a deeper understanding of the nation’s role in global conflicts.

Expert guides from Aerocone Travels will accompany you, providing valuable insights and contextualizing each exhibit. They will share stories of heroism, resilience, and sacrifice, highlighting the individuals who shaped Canada’s military legacy.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, a patriot, or simply seeking a meaningful experience, the Canadian War Museum promises an unforgettable journey. Join Aerocone Travels as we delve into the past, igniting your curiosity and fostering a deep appreciation for Canada’s rich military heritage.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners & dining
  • All accommodation including tea houses en route
  • All transportation including taxis and coaches
  • Tour and trekking guide for entire journey

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  • Travel insurance and other emergencies.
  • Visa Packaging, Fees and Documentation.
  • Private Accommodations.
  • Flights Ticket.
  • Feedings, Drinks.
  • Photography shots.

Prices for more than one or group are discounted

  1. Morning Arrival Arrival at Location


    • Arrive at the Canadian War Museum, located in Ottawa, Ontario.
    • Take a moment to appreciate the stunning architecture of the museum building.
  2. Museum Overview Scenic Tour of the Museum
    • Start your visit at the Information Desk, where friendly staff will provide you with a map and answer any questions.
    • Learn about the museum’s mission to preserve and showcase Canada’s military history.
  3. LeBreton Gallery The Battlegrounds
    • Explore the LeBreton Gallery, which focuses on the major conflicts that shaped Canada’s history.
    • Encounter artifacts, interactive displays, and immersive exhibits depicting significant battles and wartime experiences.
  4. Regeneration Hall World War I and World War II
    • Enter Regeneration Hall to delve into the stories and sacrifices made during World War I and World War II.
    • Discover authentic war machines, including tanks, aircraft, and artillery pieces.
  5. Memorial Hall Honouring the Fallen
    • Visit the solemn Memorial Hall, dedicated to honoring Canadian soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.
    • Observe the poignant Remembrance Ceremony and pay your respects.
  6. Peacekeeping and International Missions Learn Canadian International History
    • Explore the Peacekeeping and International Missions exhibits, highlighting Canada’s role in global peacekeeping efforts.
    • Learn about the country’s commitment to conflict resolution and humanitarian aid.
  7. Personal Stories and Artifacts Get Inspired
    • Engage with personal stories of veterans and civilians through interactive displays and oral histories.
    • Marvel at the collection of uniforms, medals, letters, and other artifacts that provide a glimpse into the lives of those affected by war.
  8. Terrace and Panoramic View Leave with Memory
    • Head to the museum’s outdoor terrace and take in the breathtaking view of the Ottawa River and Parliament Hill.
    • Reflect on your visit and the significance of Canada’s military history.
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The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
Tour Package Accommodation Inclusions:
  • Comfortable and well-equipped accommodations at selected hotels and resorts.
  • Convenient location near the Canadian War Museum, allowing easy access to the museum and other attractions.
  • Standard amenities such as Wi-Fi, television, and toiletries provided in the rooms.
  • Clean and cozy environment ensuring a restful stay after exploring the museum.
  • Assistance from our team in selecting and booking accommodations based on your preferences and budget.


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  • Any personal expenses incurred during the stay, such as minibar charges or phone calls.
  • Gratuities for hotel staff or housekeeping services.
  • Optional upgrades to premium rooms, suites, or additional amenities, which may be available at an extra cost.

Yes, guided tours are available at the Canadian War Museum. Knowledgeable museum staff provide insightful tours that offer a deeper understanding of the exhibits. Check the museum’s website for details on tour schedules and availability.

Photography and filming for personal use are generally allowed inside the museum, except in certain temporary or restricted exhibits.

Yes, there is a cafeteria located within the Canadian War Museum where visitors can grab a bite to eat or enjoy a coffee break. The museum also has a gift shop where you can purchase snacks and souvenirs.

Overall Rating
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The Canadian War Museum offers a powerful and moving experience, immersing visitors in the rich history of Canada's military contributions.