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Parliament Hill and Buildings. Ottawa


Embark on a Spellbinding Voyage into Canada’s Illustrious Past and Political Legacy! Searching for an extraordinary travel experience that will leave you awe-inspired? Your quest ends here, with Aerocone Travels and Tours, the unrivaled curator of unforgettable journeys. Prepare yourself for an immersive odyssey to the very core of Canadian democracy – behold the grandeur of Parliament Hill and Buildings as we whisk you away on an expedition like no other!

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All about the Parliament Hill and Buildings. Ottawa.

Are you ready to embark on a captivating journey through Canada’s rich history and political heritage? Look no further than AeroCone Travels and Tours, your trusted partner in unforgettable travel experiences. Join us as we take you on an immersive adventure to the heart of Canadian democracy – Parliament Hill and Buildings.

Why Choose Aerocone Travels and Tours?

  1. Expertly Crafted Itinerary: Our team of experienced travel professionals has carefully designed an itinerary that showcases the very best of Parliament Hill and Buildings. From the iconic Peace Tower to the stunning architecture of the Centre Block, every moment is thoughtfully curated to provide you with an exceptional and informative experience.
  2. Knowledgeable Guides: Our passionate and knowledgeable guides will accompany you throughout the tour, sharing fascinating insights into Canada’s political system, the history of Parliament Hill, and the significance of the buildings. Gain a deeper understanding of the country’s governance and be inspired by the stories that have shaped Canada’s identity.
  3. VIP Access: With Aerocone Travels and Tours, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to areas that are off-limits to the general public. Explore the Senate and House of Commons chambers, walk in the footsteps of Canada’s leaders, and witness the inner workings of the country’s democratic process up close.
  4. Immersive Experiences: We believe in providing immersive experiences that go beyond surface-level sightseeing. Through engaging multimedia presentations and interactive elements, you’ll be transported back in time to pivotal moments in Canada’s history, fostering a deeper connection to the significance of Parliament Hill and Buildings.
  5. Stunning Views and Photo Opportunities: Capture breathtaking views of the Ottawa River, the picturesque cityscape, and the stunning architecture of the Parliament Buildings. These photo-worthy moments will serve as lasting memories of your visit to this iconic landmark.
  6. Convenient Transportation: Sit back, relax, and let Aerocone Travels and Tours take care of the logistics. Our comfortable and reliable transportation ensures a seamless journey to and from Parliament Hill, allowing you to focus on immersing yourself in the experience.
  7. Personalized Service: At Aerocone Travels and Tours, we prioritize the satisfaction of our guests. Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized service, catering to your individual needs and preferences. From the moment you book your tour until the conclusion of your visit, we’re here to ensure a seamless and memorable experience.

Discover the Heart of Canadian Democracy with Aerocone Travels and Tours

Parliament Hill and Buildings stand as a symbol of Canada’s democratic values, rich heritage, and political strength. Trust Aerocone Travels and Tours to guide you through this captivating journey, where you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for Canada’s governance, marvel at architectural marvels, and be immersed in the history that has shaped a nation.

Book your tour with Aerocone Travels and Tours today and embark on an extraordinary adventure to Parliament Hill and Buildings. Uncover the essence of Canada’s democracy, stand on hallowed ground, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

“Aerocone Travels and Tours: Your Pathway to Canada’s Democracy and Heritage.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Expertly guided tour of Parliament Hill and Buildings
  • VIP access to exclusive areas and chambers
  • Fascinating insights into Canada’s political system and history
  • Engaging multimedia presentations and interactive experiences
  • Spectacular views of the Ottawa River and cityscape
  • Ample photo opportunities of iconic landmarks and architectural gems
  • Comfortable and convenient transportation to and from Parliament Hill
  • Personalized service and attention from our dedicated team
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

These are addons that can be requested for separately.

  • Travel insurance and other emergencies.
  • Visa Packaging, Fees and Documentation.
  • Private Accommodations.
  • Flights Ticket.
  • Feedings, Drinks.
  • Photography shots.
  1. Arrival and Orientation Unveiling the Powerhouse of Democracy - Where History and Politics Converge.

    Upon arrival, our knowledgeable guides will greet you and provide a brief orientation, setting the stage for the captivating journey that lies ahead. Get ready to delve into Canada’s political heritage and explore the iconic Parliament Hill and Buildings.

  2. Architectural Marvels and Historic Significance Where Artistry Meets Governance - A Tapestry of Heritage and Inspiration.

    Marvel at the stunning Gothic Revival architecture of the Parliament Buildings as you delve into their rich historical significance. Learn about the intricate details and symbolism infused within these majestic structures, reflecting the spirit of Canada’s democracy.

  3. Exclusive Chambers and VIP Access Unveiling the Power Behind Closed Doors - Witness Democracy in Action.

    Experience the privilege of stepping inside the Senate and House of Commons chambers, where key decisions are made and debates shape the nation. Gain insight into the inner workings of Canadian governance as you explore these hallowed halls.

  4. Multimedia Presentations and Interactive Exhibits A Tapestry of Stories Unfolds - Where the Past Comes Alive.

    Immerse yourself in captivating multimedia presentations and interactive exhibits that bring Canada’s political history to life. Engage with engaging displays that illuminate pivotal moments, influential leaders, and the evolution of the country’s democratic process.

  5. Panoramic Views and Scenic Delights Where Horizons Expand - Nature's Splendor Meets Architectural Grandeur.

    Feast your eyes upon breathtaking panoramic views of the Ottawa River and the picturesque cityscape as you ascend Parliament Hill. Capture picture-perfect moments that encapsulate the beauty of the surroundings and the harmonious blend of nature and architecture.

  6. Captivating Guided Tour and Expert Narration Journey into the Depths of History - Enlightened by Guided Wisdom.

    Our expert guides will lead you through the tour, providing captivating narratives and intriguing anecdotes. Discover the untold stories, historical milestones, and lesser-known facts that weave the fabric of Canada’s political tapestry.

  7. Symbolic Monuments and National Symbols Where Symbols Unite a Nation - Embracing the Spirit of Canada.

    Encounter the symbolic monuments and national symbols that grace Parliament Hill, such as the iconic Peace Tower. Understand their significance as enduring symbols of peace, unity, and national identity.

  8. Reflection and Departure A Journey of Reflection and Inspiration - Leaving with Hearts Enlightened.

    Take a moment to reflect on your journey and the profound impact of your visit to Parliament Hill and Buildings. Bid farewell to this hallowed ground, knowing that the memories and insights gained will stay with you long after you leave.

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Hotels, Tea Houses and Lodges

We understand that finding the perfect accommodations is an essential part of a memorable trip. At Aerocone Travels and Tours, we offer the option to include accommodations as an add-on to your Canada’s Wonderland adventure based on your specific requests. Whether you prefer a luxurious hotel near the park, a cozy bed and breakfast with a charming ambiance, or a convenient stay at a nearby resort, our team will work closely with you to find the ideal lodging option that suits your needs and preferences. Rest assured that we will handle all the arrangements, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay throughout your journey. Experience the joy of seamless travel and relaxation by opting for our accommodations add-on, allowing you to focus on creating lasting memories .

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
Tour Package Accommodation Inclusions:


  • Comfortable and well-equipped accommodations at selected hotels and  resorts.
  • Convenient location near the Canadian War Museum, allowing easy access to the museum and other attractions.
  • Standard amenities such as Wi-Fi, television, and toiletries provided in the rooms.
  • Clean and cozy environment ensuring a restful stay after exploring the museum.
  • Assistance from our team in selecting and booking accommodations based on your preferences and budget.

Tour Package Accommodation Exclusions:


  • Meals and beverages at the accommodations.
  • Additional services such as room service, spa treatments, or laundry facilities, unless specified.
  • Any personal expenses incurred during the stay, such as minibar charges or phone calls.
  • Gratuities for hotel staff or housekeeping services.
  • Optional upgrades to premium rooms, suites, or additional amenities, which may be available at an extra cost.

There is no strict dress code for the tour. However, it is recommended to dress comfortably and respectfully, as you will be exploring significant historical and political sites.

Yes, there are dining options available nearby where you can enjoy meals, snacks, and beverages. However, outside food and drinks may not be permitted in certain areas.

There are no specific age restrictions for the tour. Visitors of all ages are welcome to explore Parliament Hill and Buildings. However, children should be supervised at all times.

Overall Rating
Sanjeev Jha
Reviewed On 26/01/2017

Visiting Parliament Hill and Buildings was a captivating experience, immersing us in Canada's political history and architectural splendor.